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Vesterbrogade 109, st., 1620 København V
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We are an authentic Greek pastry shop, and we believe that Copenhagen is ready for the very best Greece has to offer. Our philosophy is simple; high quality and great taste. Giving friendly Greek service comes naturally to us, and we are always happy to receive you. Great food, coffee and service can be expected when you arrive in our cozy, Greek self-styled shop. Every morning we bake our handmade pies and pastries, which we order from small, family-run businesses. Only the best pastry shops in Greece know of them, and so do we. We also offer tea and honey, both of which are among our ecological products.

Our traditional pies can be consumed as a snack during the day, as complement to the main meal or even as a main meal. The folk pie has a filling wrapped into a rolled and stretched filo puff pastry. The variation of ingredients used for this filling provides different flavors and types of pie (spinach, cheese, meet etc.). The rolling and stretching of the dough into a large thin and single sheet, was achieved with the use of a long rolling pin and the artistry of the makers. Our bougatsa is a sweet version of the folk pies. A creamy rather than salty filling is wrapped into filo puff pastry and stretched in the air using bare hands as opposed to a rolling pin.

Naturally, all of our products meet Danish and European quality standards. However, we do not just meet the quality, we aspire for quality.

We will definitely have something you will love!

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Vesterbrogade 109, st., 1620 København V

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